Straight parade Boston ends with massive hateful counter protesters.

Many thoughts and opinions had been published prior to the parade, were people met to celebrate straight pride on Saturday, the 31st of August, in Boston, MA. A bunch of racists, homophobic and white supremacists will be marching was the theme of the left propaganda machine – as expected; as we know; and as always.

The parade kicked off at 12pm at Copley Square with a truck roaring Aretha Franklins “You better think; Think about what you’re trying to do to me. Yeah, think. Let your mind go, let yourself be free. Cause freedom; Stands for freedom; Oh freedom.” Well chosen, Milo; well put, Aretha. Thank you both.

However, nobody of the counter protesters listened to the music, nobody seemed to honestly consider that Milo Yiannopoulos is gay himself, besides of the fact that white Bostonians were screaming not only at peaceful celebrating white straights, but also at black and gay people of any color. “The parade is completely harmless. There are black people, gay people, Mexicans and Asians. They [the anti protestors] seemed brainwashed”, a straight-parade-attendee says. All of them white supremacists and homophobic? How bizarre, some rational mind would admit. But there seemed to be not much rationale in the protests on the other side of freedom. Faces, disturbingly hateful, desperately screaming; eyes, wild and furious, exposing the dark troubled side of those that are claiming to stand up for peace and love. A person not knowing, what underlying political movement the straight parade represented, must have been struck by this happening. Something does not fit.

Seeing those Bostonians fanatically shrieking at this joyful parade did not contain any love nor peace, but seemed to express a deep mental health issue we have carried in our society for many years and which we can see almost everywhere we look nowadays. An epidemic of heroin, school shootings and yes, growing up men and women in thongs and overly sexualized images in front of children and families that the gay pride parade like to present themselves with these days. The straight pride parade, on the other side, was standing for family values, for the values of our Founding Fathers, and their dream of a free society, where anybody – if gay or not – can be exactly who they want to be. The parade invited anybody that still believes in these values and so was the crowd accordingly diverse. The masses do like to see only what they want to see and apparently successfully ignored the representatives of the black communities and those of the gays. This is not new either, as we can see with Candace Owens, Rob Smith and Milo of course, which we were grateful to have this Saturday.

The amount of curses and spits towards the Parade, which the straight paraders had to put up with, threw dark shadows in the hearts of those that had to be on the receiving end of this hateful mass. “I thought a straight-parade was silly and funny, but when I arrived I saw it was justified. I am deeply disappointed from all the hate I saw today. So much intolerance. I have never experienced anything like this. They were yelling ‘F’ You’ right at me and ‘F’ Trump’, throwing the finger towards us”, another attendee of the parade expressed, “The hate was coming from the liberals and they looked like normal everyday people.” If he would attend another straight-parade, he answered: “Absolutely, after this experience, just to make a point. If the liberals wouldn’t have showed up, it would have been a couple of hundred people peacefully parading.”

But that is not the agenda of the left. Was it that surprising to find thousands of anti-straight-parade screaming hateful slurs? We knew the liberal media and misguided mass would do anything to destroy this spark of a new movement of freedom. Marty Walsh himself, the democratic mayor of the City of Boston, had prior to the event openly encouraged counter protestors to arrive, since free speech for all in a democracy had not enabled him to deny the permit for the event, which he did attempt first. How lucky we are in this country to have those Fathers that just knew better than him and understood the meaning and importance of free speech for any progress in a ever time changing society. In fact the mass counter protest was not too surprising, but to be expected. The democratic House Representative of California, Maxine Waters, had openly recommended to her followers to do exactly what happened on this sunny Saturday afternoon in Boston. To build crowds wherever they find a person that stands with the cabinet of our current President Donald Trump. To push back and to tell them that they are not welcome. Liberals are even ought to do so in Department Stores, at Gasoline Stations and even in a restaurant, so Mrs. Waters words. Yesterday at the straight parade in Massachusetts it was not only ‘one’ individual at a Department store, but two hundred straight paraders and in a State that is already famous for being one of the most unfriendliest ones of North America. So that made sense for the extent of hate we had to witness this weekend.

However, once the parade got closer to City Hall, where there were speeches planned to be held. For some miraculous reasons, the parade was split up into three groups and consequently it took a couple of hours to allow the speakers to arrive for the audience, which itself trickled in slowly. “The police seemed to split up the parade and they didn’t let people in, which wanted to join. I asked police officers, but they misguided me and sent me back and forth. It seemed like they were doing it on purpose”, a parader said.

But speeches were held for those patient attendees, that gathered at the City Hall; those, that mentally stood the massive and continuous shouts from the counter protesters on the other side. The organizers played Mendelssohn and Beethoven, which helped to maintain that little something of peace in the air that the straight paraders were actually standing for. But it laid heavy on their hearts. The hateful energy of the counter protester hovered in the air, and streamed over so intensely that one could nearly touch it. The question, what all these counter protesters want or even stand for, if not freedom and family, seemed to bond the straight-paraders even more in their quest. Young and old, black and white, gay and straight, men and women you saw lingering in front of the City Hall to await the promised speeches, which finally took place around 4pm. The speakers addressed the threat of an activity taking place in New Jersey, California and Colorado, where children under the age of 16 are undergoing gender transitions through puberty blockers. A transition of their gender that they may never experience in their life, since it does not even get the chance to fully develop, but puts their mental and physical health in danger. This is happening and while the straight parade didn’t show forty year old men marching with bull gags in their mouths and assless chaps, the straight parade is the controversial one.

Apparently over forty people were arrested. What the mass media does not show, is that they were the counter protesters, who have not much respect for officers on duty, which is the usual, as well. Dragged by police officers they seem to have the impression they are super hero’s, while standing in rage against freedom and therefore being obviously on “the wrong side of history”.

Ironically paraders and protesters seem to want the same things: community and love, for all and with all. The first ones pursue it via freedom; the ladder with force. Most people in highly academic Boston don’t seem to understand that equality under the law does not mean we are all the same. We are not the same, but rather beautiful in our unique way of being. Laws that in the past have helped oppressed communities to liberate themselves are now misplaced in their rage against a straight parade. Our society does not hate against gay people anymore. Those fights were fought and were fought well and we, as a society, progressed. Now we are fighting for sanity, for family, for our children and for freedom, but some seem to really stuck in the past and have no sense for reality, but an addiction to mass propaganda that has used and abused their hearts and emotions. Your big brother got loud and his voice roars out of the shouts of the masses towards a small group of people that celebrated being straight.

In the end, Mr. Marty Walsh has not seen the parade or has lost himself to the big brother, as well, when he proudly tweets “If you want to see what Boston is all about, take a look at the events happening in our city this weekend that promote our values of inclusion, love, community and acceptance of all.” There was no such thing, Mr. Walsh. Your Bostonians that showed up had nothing but hate and EXclusion for those few brave straights. But sick people do not listen and have lost their senses. That is the psychology of the masses and always has been. And so the roller coaster of time and progress continues.


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