Today I Rise

My heart so heavy. Since days, weeks and years I have been reading and all stars, all wisdom seems to come together in beauty. There is truth out there.

Every day new inspirations, every day I see new pictures and words, encounter new wisdom, understand the symbols and signs and the deep truth in them.

Truth, so long buried, hidden under all these layers. Too complex, too long ago seems the passed presence.

Nothing is too late, but the Nothing is above and beneath you and will reign you, once it is too late.

All my heros, my warriors and magicians, my sages, lovers and caregivers, my innocents and orphans, all you explorers and creators, rebels and jesters, come and rise. I am speaking to you. Rise from earth and elevate your mind to the stars. Someone is speaking to you. Uranus and Pluto are standing in their place and is time for change.

Rise. Wake up. Look at yourself. Breathe. Feel yourself. Heal. Bless yourself and your light. I call on you. It is time. The Stars are aligned. The earth is on fire.



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